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Advantages and features of copper and aluminum tubes

The birth of thin-walled copper and aluminum tubes "resistance pressure welding" invention, the air conditioner is connected to the tube technology brings a revolutionary breakthrough, becoming the air conditioner copper-aluminum connecting pipe technology is completely mature symbol, has become a copper-aluminum connecting pipe from the second generation into the third generation of the inflection point. Since then, the third generation of aluminum connecting pipe can not only safely and efficiently for the air conditioning, but the combined effect of the use of better than copper.

It is responsible for the third-generation copper-aluminum connecting pipe technology development, and access to the national invention patent engineer Ocean University of China Zhao Yue introduced the third generation of aluminum connecting pipe has the following distinct advantages.

First welding technology advantages: suitable for industrial production of thin-walled copper and aluminum pipe welding technique, known as a world-class problems, the key technology is the air conditioner connecting tube aluminum and copper. Institute of Materials Science and Engineering, Ocean University of China Qingdao Haiqing experts after repeated experiments Machinery Plant of tens of thousands of times, in 2003, invented a new welding method - resistance pressure welding method, this method can be welded implemented in welding weld copper free aluminum eutectic, copper and aluminum atoms combine, weld is very strong, after stretching, bending, flattening and other mechanical tests, are not any gaps. Thus, the preparation technology "air conditioner copper-aluminum connecting tube" was a national invention patents, aluminum connecting pipe products are Science and Technology, Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration of Quality Supervision and the State Environmental Protection Administration, four ministries identified as national key new products. At present, this invention is applying for international patents.

Using this technology to produce the third generation of aluminum connecting pipe, weld strength than brass, aluminum's own strength.

Second, the life of advantages: from the inner wall of tubes, due to moisture-free refrigerant, aluminum connecting pipe wall corrosion will not occur. Our refrigerator industry uses aluminum has over 20 years of history, the use of aluminum in the refrigerator has more than 100 million units, has never been found from internal to external corrosion of aluminum parts. Copper and aluminum tubes from the outside, it looks with a cross-linked polyethylene (heat shrink tube) do embalmed, overall protection to ensure the isolation of water and moist air on the corrosion of aluminum tubes, life is more than 20 years. The brass not embalmed, and its appearance is exposed, it may have some corrosion within 20 years, indicating that copper and aluminum connecting tube life than brass.

Third, energy-saving advantage: air conditioner indoor unit and outdoor unit connecting pipe, the lower the energy-transfer efficiency, or that the more power the better the insulation. Whether the use of brass or aluminum as a connecting pipe, metal pipe to be outsourced in the casing layer of insulation, the main role of this layer of the sleeve, is to improve the insulation effect, in order to reduce the connecting pipe to bring the cooling loss. The thermal conductivity of copper is 1.8 times that of aluminum, so the use of aluminum connecting pipe insulation will help to connect the tube, reducing the amount of waste cold, increase energy levels.

Coupled with the appearance of a layer to prevent corrosion of the cross-linked polyethylene pipe, further increasing insulation effect, therefore, the amount of copper and aluminum connecting pipe heat is far less than brass, with energy-saving advantages.

Fourth, good bending performance, ease of installation, transfer machines. Flexible than copper tubes, copper and aluminum design of aluminum connecting pipe wall thickness is 1.5 times the brass, not only strength is guaranteed, all-copper connecting pipe is relatively easier to install and dresses; if simply by reducing the wall thickness of the brass to reduce costs, such as the use 鈮0.6mm thickness of brass, not only easy to fold flat, depression, and likely to affect the sealing effect connection between the pipe and the inside and outside, leak, affecting the cooling effect of the air conditioner, and even lead to brass scrap . Therefore, aluminum connecting pipe installation performance was significantly better than all-copper connecting pipe. Due to the cooling effect is closely related with the quality of the installation of the air conditioner, air conditioner use aluminum connecting pipe easier to install, more secure cooling effect.

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