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What is the connection of copper and aluminum pipe

     Aluminum connecting pipe what is, in fact, have done a description of N articles. We start with the protagonist of this storm - Speaking of connecting tube, the so-called air conditioning connecting pipe, meaning the air conditioning pipe connection between indoor unit and outdoor host, its role is mainly between the indoor unit and outdoor unit air conditioner refrigerant cycle channel, which in the past by the copper tube manufacturer. But in recent years, copper prices soared to including air conditioning throughout the home appliance manufacturing industry has brought enormous pressure, some companies maintain the original mature manufacturing processes and production techniques, appropriate to enhance the retail price of response measures; accordingly , the other part of the business is turning a new technology, the application of new materials, in order to replace the main raw material prices brought about by stress.

     Whether good or copper and aluminum brass tube is good, professor of Beijing University of Technology Li Hongqi think the two technologies can be, with brass mature technology already in use, from copper to aluminum business as long as attention to the manufacturing process of adjustment, inspect tubes reliability, at the time of installation of copper and aluminum pipe corresponding to install the new norm, of course, any business should take responsibility, to make adjustments based on user demand.

    The copper and aluminum tubes is tainted fluorine, bursting, compression and other risks it is not strong, copper and aluminum pipe inventor Ocean University of China Zhao Yue introduced senior copper and aluminum tube technology is the most critical welding, bending problems. Suitable for industrial production of thin-walled copper and aluminum pipe welding technique, known as a world-class problems, is a key technology to connect the air conditioner pipe aluminum and copper. Institute of Materials Science and Engineering, Ocean University of China Qingdao Haiqing experts after repeated experiments Machinery Plant of tens of thousands of times, in 2003, invented a new welding method - resistance pressure welding method, this method can be welded implemented in welding weld copper free aluminum eutectic, copper and aluminum atoms combine, weld is very strong, after stretching, bending, flattening and other mechanical tests, are not any gaps. Thus, the preparation technology "air conditioner copper-aluminum connecting tube" was a national invention patents, aluminum connecting pipe products are Science and Technology, Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration of Quality Supervision and the State Environmental Protection Administration, four ministries identified as national key new products.

     Why do not all aluminum connecting pipe but two copper tubes into the middle of it, Zhao Yue explained that it was because if all aluminum, two prolonged flooding severely corroded, but not as good as copper welding aluminum, so the ends or copper, and because aluminum is superior to copper in life, energy, bending, etc., then the middle section into aluminum.


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