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Technological development of extruded profiles
     Extruded profiles mainly by extrusion molding technology to manufacture, talking about such techniques to specific Xiaobian for everyone tells you!
In the 1950s, the development of the petrochemical industry makes polymer rapidly maturing; 60s, plastics, rubber, chemical fiber three synthetic materials production to large-scale transition; 1970s, synthetic polymer material world in terms of total volume has exceeded metal material. Only by molding polymers can become use value products. Forming polymer materials essential production processes.
       Extruded polymer processing industry as an important technology in the polymer resin application engineering, extrusion equipment to promote the development of technical aspects of each other, but also interdependent and developed. Kinds of extruded product: the early years of hard PVC tubes, coated wires, polystyrene, polypropylene and ABS sheet and the sheet, polyethylene blown films and coating films, now PVC profiles, crosslinked poly vinyl, aluminum-plastic composite, PPR pipes, biaxially oriented polypropylene film, multi-layer co-extruded composite film with high barrier, breathability, self-adhesive, heat-shrinkable, since special properties, such as the elimination of the films, masterbatches and masterbatch, foam products; using extrusion processing methods for preparing the modified polymeric material; blend reinforced, toughened technology, radiation modification technology, nano-composite technology, as well as some other new modification technology; various structures and mixing type screw, vented extruder, twin screw, multi-screw extruder, reactive extrusion machines, modular extruder, adapt physical and chemical properties of polymer materials; extruder and the production line function the molding apparatus established a variety of products with specialized functions needed to be able to implement the steps of extrusion molding production line auxiliary to the pursuit of simple, precise control, energy efficiency, clean production targets and continuous improvement of the new equipment.

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